SoloSegment: Analytics-Driven Site Search Conversion

Stephen Zakur, CEO, SoloSegmentStephen Zakur, CEO
On-site search plays an important role in converting an anonymous website visitor into a potential customer. Most websites today have search boxes that allow visitors to discover content on the site. However, a major issue with most of these search functions is they deliver consistently poor results. Users are left to navigate through numerous results before finding relevant information, if they find it at all. “Today, many marketers tend to ignore the opportunity and value trapped in site search due to two main reasons,” begins Stephen Zakur, CEO of SoloSegment. “They lack the necessary data to understand the source of the problem and, more importantly, they can’t measure the effectiveness of improvement efforts.” Stepping in to help organizations discover where their search engine is failing to advance their customers’ journeys is New Jersey-based software firm, SoloSegment. An innovator in the search industry, SoloSegment provides easy to adopt solutions for honing a website’s search experience and improving the findability of relevant content.

The company’s flagship product, Site Search Inspector is a SaaS analytics tool that provides the data necessary to improve site search conversion. Site Search Inspector is initiated by placing a lightweight JavaScript tag on a client’s website to collect data about user experience. That data is processed to accurately reflect a visitor’s search experience. A dashboard provides marketing teams with detailed insights about searcher success. “We measure search success against a unique set of metrics. But we don’t stop with analytics. We then put that data to work to improve the search customer experience,” says Zakur. The three main metrics are: Did the visitor see results? Did they click on a result? Was that result the answer to their question? SoloSegment’s Site Search Inspector has two unique features—success-based search suggestions and auto-curation.

A search industry innovator, SoloSegment provides easy to deploy solutions that hone a website’s search experience improving content findability

The search-suggestion feature provides a type-ahead function that incorporates success data into its recommendation. This allows users to choose keywords that are more likely to lead to a successful outcome. The auto-curation feature uses success-based data to automatically move successful results higher on the search results page. “While our customers value better analytics, what they really want is better business results. We use success data to automatically give search success a boost, improving the likelihood that customers and prospects will achieve their goal,” explains Zakur.

Highlighting SoloSegment’s ability to drive growth and deliver business value through its product portfolio, Zakur cites a customer success story. The client, an $80 billion technology company, identified site search as an inhibitor to sales conversions because their prospects were unable to find the right content. “The problem was not the lack of good content, it was the inability to present the right content based on the prospect’s search,” says Zakur. By implementing SoloSegment’s Site Search Inspector, the client was able to understand the critical gaps in the search experience and improve the relevance of search results. The search success rate improved from 23 percent to 53 percent and delivered $9 million in incremental revenue.

Established as a search analytics company, SoloSegment is expanding its product line to apply AI techniques to search data. “We are using machine learning to discern patterns in the data that will improve content relevance rankings and accelerate conversions,” affirms Zakur. Having positioned itself as a trendsetter, SoloSegment intends to continue delivering expert guidance and value-based solutions that enable marketers to make smarter decisions, deliver more appropriate content, and ultimately improve business results.