Visual IQ: Delivering Audience-Driven Marketing Intelligence

Manu Mathew, Co-Founder & CEO, Visual IQManu Mathew, Co-Founder & CEO Marketers today, aspire to have a clear comprehension of how their audience is interacting with their brand by adopting a people-based marketing approach that identifies customers and prospects as individuals and not as just devices or cookies. By placing the consumer as a focal point of all marketing activity and targeting real people instead of generic buyer personas, marketers have realized that audience-driven marketing can effectively boost engagement and conversions. In addition, the recent convergence of ad tech and martech solutions has broadened the scope of marketing intelligence by integrating the consumer and performance data into a single, data-driven model. With an impassioned zeal to assist marketers with driving marketing effectiveness by changing the way they interact with target audiences, Needham, MA-based Visual IQ offers sophisticated real-time marketing intelligence solutions that leverage algorithmic attribution technology to generate people-based marketing performance insights. These insights play an instrumental role in enabling marketers to make cross-channel budget optimizations and deliver enhanced customer experiences.

Recently acquired by the global performance management firm, Nielsen Holdings [NYSE:NLSN], Visual IQ delivers a multi-touch attribution (MTA) modeling of advertising on digital platforms to substantially improve the ROI for brand marketers. Visual IQ’s marketing attribution expertise in combination with its robust marketing intelligence platform facilitates the analysis of customer profiles and delivers real-time insights. These insights play a key role in optimizing a brand’s marketing performance by leveraging the dual potentiality of audience and attribution. “Our mission at Visual IQ has always been to drive marketing effectiveness with algorithmic attribution technology that allows customers to view tactical advertising performance through the lens of key audience segments,” states Manu Mathew, CEO and co-founder of Visual IQ.

Our mission at Visual IQ has always been to drive marketing effectiveness with algorithmic attribution technology that allows customers to view tactical advertising performance through the lens of key audience segments

Enabling People-Based Performance Analysis

By blending people-based insights with Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) in a single user interface, the Visual IQ Marketing Intelligence platform measures and analyzes the effectiveness of marketing and advertising strategies. Apart from providing a comprehensive and factual view of marketing and advertising performance, Visual IQ’s marketing intelligence platform provides granular details of a marketing campaign that enables marketers to have a clear understanding of the effect of every channel or marketing strategy on their target audience. This, in turn, helps the marketers in optimizing their expenditure within and across diverse marketing channels in order to accelerate conversions and brand engagement and improve their business bottom lines. The Visual IQ Marketing Intelligence Platform has been specifically architected to cover the marketing intelligence needs of enterprises that are keen on delivering their brand promise and enhancing the consumer experience. The platform has been designed to optimize experiences for brands that have customers and prospects interacting with them through a wide range of marketing channels, brand touch points, and user devices. In addition, the platform allows marketers to analyze consumer behavior across diverse channels so that they can reinforce their marketing and advertising performance based on their audience segments. “For marketers, the task of understanding the end-to-end consumer journey and optimizing connections with customers and prospects is more complex than ever,” states Mathew. “Relevance is everything, and marketing tactics must be tailored to different audiences based on where they are in their journey.”

Along with a 360-degree view of the customers and prospects, the Visual IQ marketing intelligence platform integrates the analyses of audience attributes with the measurement of marketing performance. The platform uses a people-based identification approach that deduplicates consumer data across different marketing channels and digital and physical environments in real-time. After the collection of all this consumer data, marketers can either opt for a customized rules-based attribution model or a sophisticated algorithmic model to measure the impact of addressable marketing channels on various consumer-related success metrics.
For instance, TV attribution is a credible method for a marketer to assess the immediate impact of their TV ads during prominent sporting events such as an NFL season. Instead of relying on guesswork, the marketers can leverage TV attribution to assess the impact of their TV ads on niche audiences and clearly identify the driving factors that drive this enhanced digital response.

Empowering Cross-Channel Marketing Attribution

With a marketing intelligence platform that offers marketers the leeway to opt from a selection of multiple MTA models, Visual IQ provides brands with an advanced method of evaluating marketing effectiveness by taking into account the entire cross-channel consumer journey. Instead of following a siloed channel-measurement approach that considers the last marketing touch point before conversion as a criterion for measuring the marketing performance, marketers can leverage Visual IQ’s enhanced algorithmic attribution models to objectively measure the marketing performance across the channel and sub-channel levels.

In one instance, Subaru of America, a New Jersey-based distributor of Subaru’s automotive brand, adopted Visual IQ’s advanced attribution strategy to reshape their attribution approach and have a better comprehension of their audience behavior. Visual IQ’s attribution engagement solution catered to the client’s need to quantify the impact of all marketing channels, campaigns, and ad placements on KPIs and optimize their media mix. The implementation process entailed identifying and integrating siloed data sources, setting common KPIs, developing a single source to describe consumer interaction with the brand and configuring the platform to make it cross-functional, and building an MTA model and producing attributed metrics. With the help of “True Metrics” Visual IQ was able to identify how Subaru’s channels worked in unison to drive specific KPIs. Post implementation Subaru uncovered a host of additional insights such as the quantified effect of branding, retention, and remarketing on conversions along with the undervalued and over-valued channels, campaigns, and placements.

"Relevance is everything, and marketing tactics must be tailored to different audiences based on where they are in their journey"

Visual IQ’s specific focus is on helping the brands to break out from the channel and operational silos while enabling them to connect effectively with their customers and prospects. Visual IQ’s clientele ranges from multi-channel retailers to corporate giants, as the firm continues to redefine how marketers comprehend the complex consumer journey and optimize spends across multiple touch points to boost customer acquisition and retention. Having positioned themselves as the “go-to-marketing intelligence specialist” Visual IQ continues to deliver innovative solutions that provide a real-time view of marketing and advertising performance.