Socialbakers: Maximizing Social Media ROI

Moses Velasco, Chief Product Evangelist, SocialbakersMoses Velasco, Chief Product Evangelist
Today, the growing popularity of social media has changed the face of digital marketing. From marketing and advertising campaigns to customer service and everything in between, social media has had a quantifiable impact and has reshaped the way brands engage with their consumers. In order to stay ahead of the competition in the realm of social media, optimization of content proves to be the key enabler for marketers. Marketers are seeking effective solutions to create high-end content that can resonate with their audiences and deliver greater impact from their social media marketing efforts. Having served in the social media industry for almost a decade, Socialbakers provides a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI)- powered social media marketing suite that gives marketers one tool to measure, manage and optimize their social media and helps them gain maximum business value from their digital initiatives.

“Our easy-to-use marketing suite enables customers to analyze social media data, optimize performance, execute content strategy and manage social communities effectively,” states Moses Velasco, Chief Product Evangelist at Socialbakers. “Socialbakers enables marketers to be successful in understanding their audiences, to better personalize content creation and to engage and grow their customer base”. By leveraging Socialbakers’ marketing suite, brands can generate great content, publish content at the time when their audience is most active, compare their content strategy, and make smarter advertisement decisions to improve campaigns against industry benchmarks. With fully customizable dashboards, the Socialbakers solution monitors and reports the impact of marketer’s social media activities on their community and business. Socialbakers makes it easier for marketers to share reports with stakeholders seamlessly by providing out-of-the-box reporting solutions.

Driven by the power of AI and the largest social media content dataset in the industry, the Socialbakers’ suite lets marketers learn from the outstanding content created by other marketers around the world.

Socialbakers enables marketers to be successful in understanding their audience to better personalize content creation and to engage and grow their customer base

This knowledge further helps in developing and delivering content that resonates more deeply with the audience and returns real value for the brand.
It also enables marketers to gain data-driven predictions and recommendations on the best time to publish their content. The platform shares the content posted by marketers across multiple channels and ranks all of the posts by engagement. With this, marketers and brands can recognize what types of content engages specific audiences. Finally, “Within one single solution marketers can act on predictions and recommendations, manage their content, community, social ads, and analyze their performance with visuals and reports,” explains Velasco.

“At Socialbakers we listen closely to our customers and we have evolved our product offering to answer the challenges they face,” said Velasco. One of the main challenges faced by marketers was that they needed between 3-5 different tools to manage their social media. The Socialbakers suite is one tool to manage at all. It has powerful features such as promoted post-detection, post-performance prediction, and prime time publishing. With the help of AI, Socialbakers’ promoted post detection can help marketers uncover the paid content strategy utilized by their competitors. “From an easy-to-understand grading system to an overview of the best posts, our tool makes sure that every dollar invested on social media is money well-spent,” asserts Velasco.

Furthermore, the Socialbakers suite gives marketers the ability to benchmark their ad spend on Facebook vs their industry, country and region. The benchmark, powered by data from billions of dollars in ad spend, provides marketers with a continuous view into how their ad spend performs against their industry, country or region. This benchmark is essential for every marketer who owns an ad budget and needs to constantly review and optimize their results to maximize performance. Along the path of innovation, Socialbakers is all set to create additional benchmarks and more community features to help marketers stay smart in their campaign building and make sure they get the greatest impact from their digital marketing activities.