MSIGHTS: Enhanced Marketing Performance through Data Transformation

Scott East, Co-founder & CEO, MSIGHTSScott East, Co-founder & CEO
“Great reporting starts with great data.” Several businesses believe that a major barrier in their marketing is the reporting challenge. However, the problem often lies within how data is managed (or better yet, not managed); it is not operationalized to be integrated and transformed into actionable insights for better marketing ROI. “Making sure that a marketer has better data, to perform the most effective and efficient marketing analysis is core to what we do,” states Scott East, CEO and Co-founder of MSIGHTS. The continuous increase in the need for assembling data in the right ways formed the foundation of MSIGHTS back in 2003. The company focuses exclusively on enabling marketers to have analysis/reporting-ready data so that they can spend their time on essential tasks of analysis and decision making rather than assembling data. With over 15 years of its journey in connecting the dots between MarTech, AdTech, and media ROI, the company has facilitated data transformation for businesses from around the world.

Automating the collection, integration, and transformation of any data source, MSIGHTS connects all the siloed streams of data for marketers. The Unify aspect is the core function wherein MSIGHTS brings in the disparate streams of data and consolidates them to make the combined data more actionable. This part of the process is crucial as it involves data transformation where MSIGHTS validates all the incoming data, verifies its accuracy, integrates and structures them as per MSIGHTS’s proprietary data schema/model.

Marketing teams have the datasets ready for reporting and analysis in the Exchange part of the MSIGHTS Platform.
Marketers and their agency partners can generate any level of visualization, from any data source, including both external and internal data systems and operating platforms. The MSIGHTS Exchange enables businesses to connect to the reporting-ready datasets with third-party visualization tools like Tableau or Looker, or users can leverage the MSIGHTS Reporting platform. MSIGHTS creates several analytical views to ensure marketers can check for detailed marketing campaign performance—this could be executives viewing an overall summary, agency users requiring unique visualization to drive optimization, or marketing users wanting to share specific updates to internal stakeholders, on overall marketing ROI. MSIGHTS has uniquely built the platform to accommodate different types of users with varying technical needs. “MSIGHTS was built by marketers for marketers, and we’ve been supporting world class marketing teams for over 15 years,” says East.

MSIGHTS’s engagement with a global software company helped achieved a direct savings of more than $30 million, during its long partnership of over nine years. The ability to provide real-time data validation even before integration of the data from different sources coupled with consolidating multiple results siloes into a single view of performance have driven this dramatic cost savings and marketing ROI. MSIGHTS also expanded its services to multiple locations, including Mexico, Switzerland, and Singapore, to provide support for clients’ global operations. Building the level of trust to have a global software organization to outsource software is a testament to MSIGHTS’s ability to enable customers to improve their marketing performance and overall ROI.

With its seamless on boarding process, MSIGHTS offers a managed platform to ensure that its clients reap the maximum benefit from their investment. The enterprise also provides indefinite leverage for its customers in terms of training and support. MSIGHTS is currently building on its platform to allow organizations to manage the data connections on their own— functionality that the company is offering to its clients—as more businesses want to bring data management in-house. Also, as firms hire more data architects to blend data in their proprietary ways, MSIGHTS aims at dramatically simplifying and improving data blending tools and the overall process. Expanding its work into Machine Learning and AI, the company seeks to enable marketers to have the power of generating automated datasets and retrieve the information as per user needs.