Convirza: Blazing the Trail in Call Tracking Analytics

Jeremiah Wilson, CEO, ConvirzaJeremiah Wilson, CEO
While moving from a traditional marketing environment to a digital one, businesses today want to know which of their advertisements generate the most number of calls from customers. However, the success of a marketing channel or an individual ad cannot be limited to the number of calls it generates. It also requires an insight into the calls that will ultimately lead to sales—the end goal of any advertisement. But when a consumer moves from the digital world to a phone call, the lead is lost between the online and offline territories, resulting in lack of visibility into their calls. UT-based firm Convirza bridges this gap via its trailblazing call auditing software, Conversation Analytics® services. The software helps marketers not only attribute phone calls to specific marketing efforts but also analyze the call content to gain deeper insights. Convirza uncovers hidden revenue opportunities and completes the marketing loop.

Conversation Analytics® services go beyond traditional methods like keyword spotting and look at combinations of phrases or words, plus 45 additional indicators, used throughout a call to identify the natural language and harvest more value out of each phone call. Drawing on their vast experience, the Convirza team built a massive library comprising more than 400 Thousand unique combinations of language patterns. Based on the analysis of these patterns alongside other contextual queues including nuances like voice modulation, inflection, silence gaps, volume, and more, the firm’s proprietary software establishes 45 distinct phone call indicators that are proven to deliver optimal accuracy in the industry.

In context, Convirza’s CEO, Jeremiah Wilson points out that people across industries use various terms in their phone conversations. “What we do is take samples of different calls from our clients, run them through our software system, evaluate their accuracy, and if required, we make custom language modifications to ensure our language pattern is perfect for each customer,” he explains.

We help sophisticated marketers make better decisions, improve close rates, and increase revenue

Furthermore, Convirza adds a bunch of languages to support specific types of verticals like hospitality or the automobile industry.

Another unique capability of the technology is that it detects instances of a missed opportunity—for example, if a customer voices a strong buying language, but the agent fails to handle it properly. In such cases, Convirza immediately sends automated notifications to the manager or marketing director asking them to reanalyze the call so they can recover the customer. “We help sophisticated marketers make better decisions, improve close rates, and increase revenue,” said Wilson.

Notably enough, the firm’s SaaS platform integrates with Google Analytics, DoubleClick, and Salesforce, enabling clients to track their calls and aggregate the data therein to obtain full visibility into each step taken by the customer, from the web visit all the way to the phone call. Several clients also harness this data for digital advertising by infusing it into their bid management platform so that they can optimize bid patterns around calls that actually translate into customers.

Wilson highlights a client working in a franchise system that faced major trouble in handling calls efficiently, placing them in the 46th position among the 50 franchises. Within a year’s time of partnering with Convirza, the company received the number one recognition award for its entire fleet of businesses. Convirza took them from the bottom to the top by helping them optimize their marketing workflow as well as handle phone calls while adding visibility into the overall process.

Bracing for the coming year, team Convirza ventures into a data-driven role with the goal to keep upgrading the ability for clients to derive rich insights out of any and all of their marketing channels and programs.