Facilitating Health Care with Advanced Marketing Solutions

By Robert Sahadevan, Enterprise VP Consumer Marketing and Data, Humana

Robert Sahadevan, Enterprise VP Consumer Marketing and Data, Humana

Every industry can benefit from the technological capabilities that are emerging. In health care, it’s just starting. This includes the ability of the health care systems to make more information available to patients so that they can be involved in the care delivery process.

More providers can interact directly with patients and information can be shared seamlessly among different systems and providers, so that patients can evade repetitive tasks like filling the same background questionnaire–“what is my insurance?” or “what are my current health conditions?”

“In healthcare, it’s important that Humana fits into the workflow of providers.”

There needs to be coordination between providers and patients and insurers in order to facilitate communication across the health care industry. Data sharing among these parties (to the allowed extent) is indispensable in making transactions easier and allowing everyone to benefit from having the relevant information.

Since healthcare data contains private information about a patient, the challenge for the providers is managing data sharing so that only relevant and appropriate information gets shared. The solution to this challenge lies in being deliberate about how those in the health care industry evolve and avoid anything that reaches beyond the comfort of the patients.

Humana is working to link together and facilitate the care experience between providers and patients. The company’s focus is on improving our interactions with patients and also facilitating that interaction between itself and providers. Humana monitor the information that is flowing between these entities as well as the health care systems.

As a part this effort, Humana integrates the information we have in the health care ecosystem with providers by leveraging the most recent technologies. In health care, it’s important that Humana fits into the workflow of providers. With an aim to reduce the complexity of delivering health care services, so we want to interact in ways that health care providers already do.

Humana is also looking closely at the continuum of someone moving from being a prospective member to when they become a Humana member and the different interactions in between. Humana wants to attain a better understanding of what a person is looking for and assist her or him with the right information and find the right product.

In health care, because of laws like HIPAA coupled with other privacy concerns, organizations must be vigilant while delivering healthcare information, with an effort to personalize products and make complex decisions relatively easier.

Current Marketing Initiatives and Strategies

At Humana, the primary goal is to make people healthier. Pursuing the same, there is a program implemented by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) called the Medicare Star Ratings. Among other things the program measures gaps in health care, for example how many people have seen a primary health care provider in the past year and how many of them had screening done for any ailment in a given year. For people who haven’t received necessary health care services, Humana ensures that they are interacted with and are given the right information and optimal care.

Humana’s services include sending reminders to patients concerning regular health check-ups, providing the right information to the members contacting our call centers, or putting up the right tiles when a person is searching for specific information on our website. With innovative technology trends on the horizon, we are in a pursuit of implementing solutions that make health-related information easily accessible to our members through multiple channels.

When marketing technology is talked about, a lot of people anticipate everything is will be digital in the future. One interesting aspect of the digital era is how people interact with different healthcare systems.

Social isolation for seniors is an important social determinant to health. At Humana, we have witnessed this in day-to-day interactions through the members that express their appreciation of the company’s regular, personal outreach to them. For instance, many senior members appreciate telephone calls from Humana. They value the telephonic interaction, and that’s one thing that keeps Humana’s progression into more digital channels in perspective. The human factor is an important consideration when weighing what healthcare communications can go digital and what conventional methods need to be retained for interaction with specific individuals.

Advice to Leadership

One should not lose sight of what he or she is trying to accomplish. Follow the concept of use cases, focusing on how you want the experience to be. Determine the technologies, people, and processes that have to come together and make that happen. Technology is enabling concepts like customer relationships management (CRM) to be adopted in the complex healthcare arena. Many of these operations are performed by multiple departments in a company, but even more so by entities outside the company. Coordinating all of that, making sure that the data and right analytics come together, and then delivering it with the technologies we use in healthcare, is not a simple task. Focusing on the right use cases is imperative. Otherwise, you can get lost in the journey.

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